Swedenergy’s position on how to make Sweden climate neutral by 2045

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Based on the decision by the parliament to make Sweden climate neutral by 2045, the Fossil Free Sweden initiative has encouraged business sectors to draw up their own roadmaps as to how they will be fossil free while also increasing their competitiveness. Swedenergy has produced a roadmap for electricity – for a fossil free society and also a roadmap for the heating sector in collaboration with other actors in the heating market.

In these roadmaps, the industries describe when and how they will be fossil free, what technological solutions need to be developed, what investments need to be made and what obstacles need to be removed. The roadmaps also contain proposals regarding commitments for the stakeholders and political solutions. This is the case for the roadmap for the heating sector.

As for “Roadmap for Electricity – for a fossil-free society” it is significantly different from the other. The Roadmap for Electricity focuses on how the energy industry will enable a national energy transition away from fossil fuels in all sectors. At the same time, the industry undertakes to phase out the last 2 per cent of fossil fuels in Swedish electricity production by 2030 at the latest.

Read the summary for Roadmap for Electricity – for a fossil-free society

Read the summary for the heating sector


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