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Here you can read Energiföretagen Sverige – Swedenergy AB’s (below Energiföretagen) terms and conditions and our integrity policy. The integrity policy describes how we use your personal data. Energiföretagen reserves the right to change these conditions.


You are welcome to book yourself to any of our events via Energiföretagen’s website. Your booking is binding within the terms of our booking conditions. The booking can be handed over to someone else within your organisation.
When booking a web course, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to start the course after the booking is finalised. The course is available one to three years after booking the web course, depending on which course you have booked.

Confirmation – Invitation
When Energiföretagen has received your booking, you will be sent a confirmation email. An invitation to the event will be sent out two weeks before the event starts to your email.


All prices are excluding VAT. Energiföretagen reserves the right to adjust the price when it is required.

Courses and Conferences

The fee includes participation, documentation (digital or physical format), lunch and morning – and afternoon tea. Some deviation may occur. Costs for accommodation will be added to the fee when applicable.


The fee includes participation and documentation in digital format. The booking is personal and can only be used for one participant.

Web Course

The fee includes access to the course, the test and certificate. When applicable it will also include access to ESA Q for the time that the certificate is valid.

Terms of Payment

Payment is done by invoice and is to be paid within 30 days from when the invoice was sent.


The fee is invoiced after the course or the conference. If you have booked a web course the fee is invoiced at the end of the month of when you booked the course.

Cancellation / Re-booking

You can only cancel your participation by emailing If you want to cancel a web course you have to do this before starting the course.

Cancellation / Re-booking to a new date

  • No fee will be invoiced if you cancel / re-book 30 days before the event starts
  • If you cancel any later, you will be invoiced the full fee

You can transfer your booking to a colleague working at the same company. If you have received a code/promo to book accommodation it is your responsibility to cancel the booking with the hotel according to the hotel’s cancellation policy. Please be advised that Energiföretagen will not pay for any cancellation fees that may occur when cancelling your accommodation. If you do get sick, we will waive the booking fee if you can hand in a doctor’s note (this does not apply if you have booked a web course).

Dietary Restrictions

You need to advise us if you have any dietary restrictions at the point of booking.
The venues we use have different terms for dietary restrictions, but most of them use The National Food Administration’s (Livsmedelverket) guidelines for allergies.
If the venue takes out an extra cost for your dietary restriction it will be added to your invoice. If you have not notified us of your dietary restriction an extra fee will be added to your invoice.

Photos / Filming

To document our courses /conferences we might film and take photographs at the event. This means that participants can show up in the pictures, but the aim is to capture the event.

Cancelled Event / Course

If the numbers of participants are too low, or if the presenter / teacher falls ill Energiföretagen reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event. If we must cancel or postpone Energiföretagen is not responsible to compensate the participant’s costs for travel or accommodation that may have been booked to participate at the event. We apply and follow The Sale of Goods Act (Köplagen).

Force Majeure

We are not responsible in the event of government’s changes, strikes, blockades, lockouts, storms, or other events that hinders the course or the conference. These events are outside Energiföretagen’s control.

Technical Pre-requisites

Energiföretagen is not responsible for limitations of the transmission speed when completing a web course, webinar or another digital event that we are hosting when it comes to participants equipment such as the computer, software, or internet subscription.

Satisfied Customer Commitment

Our ambition is to have satisfied participants, who enjoys our courses, conferences, and events. If you have any complaints or is dissatisfied with the event that you have taken part in please get in touch at (no later than 14 days after completed activity) and we will be able to handle your case.

Personal Data

We use personal data within the means of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For us to be able to handle your booking we need your consent for us to handle your personal data in accordance with Energiföretagen’s integrity policy. You can read the full policy in the link below. 

Energiföretagen’s integrity policy

If you want more information regarding how use personal data, please contact the responsible project coordinator for the specific event.