Swedenergy’s Integrity Policy

Our goal is to assure you that your personal data are safe with us. All personal data are processed in compliance with Swedish law and Swedenergy’s guidelines. This Policy explains how we collect and use your personal information. It also describes your rights and how you can enforce them.

Personal data is any information that refers to an identified or identifiable natural living person. Computerized photos and soundtracks can be personal data even if no names are mentioned. Encrypted data and different kinds of electronic identification (like IP-addresses) are also personal data if they can be connected to a natural living person.

Processing of personal data means everything that is done with them. Each action taken constitutes a process, no matter if it is automatized or not. Examples of common processes are collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, transfers, and erasure.

Who is responsible for the personal data we collect?

Swedenergy AB, org. No. 556104-3265, Olof Palmes Gata 11, 101 53 Stockholm, is the controller of the organization’s management of personal data.

When are personal data processed and what information is registered?

Swedenergy processes your personal data when you:

  • apply for, change or end your membership with the organization Swedenergy,
  • are part of any council, project group, network or other permanent or temporary group within Swedenergy,
  • register on Swedenergy’s web site,
  • sign-up for our courses, conferences or other events that Swedenergy arranges,
  • order publications,
  • sign-up for newsletters or similar,
  • apply for vacant posts or express your interest in employment with us,
  • appear in a photo or video taken at a Swedenergy event,
  • get in contact with us in any other way, for example through e-mail or telephone.

Legal grounds for processing of personal data

Swedenergy refers primarily to legitimate interest in the processing of personal data and where appropriate also to agreement or legal obligation.

The purpose of processing personal data

Swedenergy processes personal data to enable us to fulfill our obligation to our members in accordance with our bylaws, for login on our member portal, and for administration of requested services and products. The information can also be used for marketing purposes and for follow-up and development of Swedenergy’s service supply.

Registered information

The data we normally process is name, e-mail address, company, position, interests and project group participation.

Swedenergy never registers so called sensitive data with the exception of information on allergies and requests for special food in connection with events we arrange. We assume that you want us to use such information and forward it to restaurants and conference organizers etcetera. The information is deleted when the event is over. If you want to know how the restaurant or conference organizer process your data, we ask you to contact them directly. You will get the contact information from us.

Forwarding of personal data

In processing personal data concerning the situations listed above, the data may be forwarded to external recipients, that is to say persons or companies outside Swedenergy, to the extent that is needed for us to administrate or fulfill our assignment.

In most of the listed situations, Swedenergy is the data controller and the suppliers that receive data are processors. Personal data processors are obligated to follow the instructions from Swedenergy and are not entitled to disclose your personal data to anybody else or to use the data for any other purpose than stated in Swedenergy’s instructions. Processors are also obligated to take certain technical and organizational actions to protect your personal information.

Finally, your personal data may be disclosed if required by law, regulations or government authorities (legal obligation).

What happens with my personal data when I attend a course or participate in a conference?

When you sign-up for a course or a conference you enter an agreement. Swedenergy AB will collect the data necessary for your participation and your access to information pertaining to the activity, but also to enable us to offer you the course or conference, to administrate it and to invoice the person who is paying for it.

Your personal data may be shared with other participants as well as with speakers and other actors in the same course or conference. Your employer can also, upon request, take part in information regarding which course/courses you have participated in and when.

Swedenergy AB may transfer personal information like your name, company, food preferences, lodgings and mode of transport to external cooperating partners, speakers/teachers, training organizers, exhibitors or suppliers of food and premises.

What happens to my personal information when I buy a product or a service?

When you buy a product or service you enter an agreement. Swedenergy AB will collect necessary data to enable us to deliver the product or service to you, and to get the payment.

In order to deliver the product or service to you, Swedenergy AB will transfer necessary data to external cooperating partners such as distribution companies.

How long will the data remain?

We will keep your personal data as long as they are needed for us to complete our commitment to you; supply the service, product or training, invoice, manage complaints, or as long as we are legally obliged to retain them. Your contact information will remain in our register for certification and marketing purposes even after the current client engagement has ceased, until you require the deletion of the data.

We have established routines for data retention to ensure that we follow applicable legislation.


If you have any questions regarding Swedenergy’s management of personal data, please contact dataskydd@energiforetagen.se

Extract from register and rectifications

You are entitled to information free of charge about your personal data retained by Swedenergy. If you want to see it, please require this in an e-mail to Swedenergy, dataskydd@energiforetagen.se. If you think data about you are wrong, misleading or you want them removed from send lists, for example, you can also use this e-mail address to request rectification.


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