Nordiskt webbinarium 4 maj: “Flexibility in the Nordics”

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Ett nordiskt samarbete bjuder in till ett kostnadsfritt webbinarium om flexibilitet. Det genomförs på engelska med detta tema: How are Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish DSO:s working and preparing to utilise flexibility as part of their operation and planning? In this webinar you will hear experiences and practice with flexibility services from Nordic DSO:s.

Webbinariet som genomförs den 4 maj mellan kl 9 och 11 beskrivs på följande vis av Energi Norge:


The green transition means growth in electricity consumption as well as increase in renewable energy generation thus creating a demand for more network capacity in the distribution system. To improve efficiencies in operation and development of the distribution system, and avoid higher investments than necessary, the Clean Energy Package provides an obligation for the Member States to incentivize network companies (DSO:s) to procure flexibility services. This webinar will give insight into how Nordic DSO:s currently deal with this prospect.

You will learn about

At this webinar you will hear directly from Nordic DSO:s about how they prepare for using flexibility to a larger extent. You will learn about current pilot projects and hear the DSO:s own experiences from working with and preparing flexibility mechanisms in their networks.

Who is it for?

The webinar is you who work for a Nordic DSO. It is for decision makers and staff, in particular in planning and operation. The webinar is also for you who want to learn how Nordic DSO:s organise their work with flexibility in pilots, in operations and planning.

How is it organised?

The webinar is jointly organised by the Nordic industry associations, Finnish Energy, Danish Energy Association, Energy Norway and Swedenergy. It will be organised on-line, and you can participate from where you are. The webinar is in English and all presentations will be given in English. Sign up and you will receive a link for participation the day before the webinar goes live. The webinar will be recorded and available to you for one week afterwards. Participation is open to Nordic DSOs and is free of charge."

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