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Web course ESA Instructed



New! If you are to perform non-electrical work inside restricted access location or adjacent to electrical installations, you can now repeat your electrical safety knowledge in this electrical safety course according to the new publication ESA Instructed person.

The web course ESA Instructed replaces the web course ESA -14 Access. A new section in the publication and the course is a changed access management. Here you can order the publication ESA Instructed person.

Technical requirements

We recommend that you perform the course using fixed internet access. In order to use the material your technical equipment must fulfil the following Technical Requirements.

If you are an instructed person you should, after completing the training, be given a briefing at the workplace by the Elanläggningsansvarig or his or her representative. The briefing should be done according to the ESA Access agreement document and be signed by all involved personnel.

You can do the course when and where you want, alone or together with your colleagues who also have signed up for the course. The web course is self-instructive.

After completing the course, you will do a web based final test and are given the opportunity to print a certificate after completing the tests or wait for the certificate to be sent to you.

The certificate is proof of you updated knowledge!

Web course in Swedish: Webbkurs ESA Instruerad.

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