Web course EBR ESA Waterways

Get the proper electrical safety training in an effective way with our Web course EBR ESA Waterways. You will then also get access to ESA Q.

The course is directed towards anyone working at a power station and the waterways

During this web course, you who works at a power station and the waterways of power stations gets the knowledge about how the work and operating measures can be performed in a safe way. The goal is that you receive the theoretical knowledge to be able to apply this in your everyday working situation.

The web course is for you who works at a power station and the waterways of power stations, and who needs understanding of the ESA Waterways – Hydropower Safety Directions. Web course ESA Waterways is based on the content of the publication EBR ESA Waterways - Hydropower Safety Directions - ESA-VAE:17.

The web course is to be completed on a computer. Effective training time takes approximately 6 hours. We recommend that you take regular breaks.

EBR ESA Q Waterways

You will have access to the web-based EBR ESA Q Waterways throughout the web course. EBR ESA Q gives you clear answers regarding ESA in an easy manner. This will help in your working situation. EBR ESA Q is accessible on your phone and tablet, making it helpful also when you are out working.

Webbkursen finns även på svenska!

Technical requirements

We recommend using a fixed internet connection during the web course. Please read our technical requirements.

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