Web course ESA Waterways

EBR:s Web course ESA Waterways is now more user friendly and modernized. You also have access to web-based knowledge bank, ESA Q Waterways.

The course is directed towards anyone working at a power station and the waterways

Web course ESA Waterways is an education based on the content of the publication ESA Waterways - Hydropower Safety Directions Print.

The course is directed towards anyone working at a power station and the waterways of power stations who needs knowledge of the ESA Waterways – Hydropower Safety Directions for work and operating measures to be performed in a safe way. The theoretical knowledge of the course should then be applied in your daily work.

Technical Requirements

To be able to do the e-learning you need to make sure that your equipment is fulfilling the Technical Requirements.

A web-based knowledge bank ESA Q Waterways

The course also includes ESA Q Waterways, a web-based knowledge bank where you can find relevant information at the exact moment you need it in you work situation. You can access it by mobile phone, tablet or your laptop. It is always available as a helping hand and support in your work.

The origin idea with ESA Q Waterways was to raise risk awareness. The idea has grown stronger and today is a complement to the teacher-led programs and publications within ESA Waterways. To use ESA Q Waterways, you need to complete Web course ESA Waterways.

ESA Q Waterways and Web Course ESA Waterways you have access for three years, then you need to renew your ESA knowledge according to the repetition requirement.

Web course in Swedish: Webbkurs ESA Vattenvägar

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